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October 27TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Downsizing your office makes good budget sense

The way we work has changed drastically in the past couple of decades. As connectivity becomes more accessible and ubiquitous, many offices are opting for a higher degree of remote...

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October 12TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Haunted Houses and Spooky Places to Visit in Austin this Halloween

Halloween is, for some, the most anticipated event of the year and for those who think that there is nothing better than a good scare, here are a few creepy...

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September 28TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Best Fall Trips to Take Near Austin

As cooler temperatures come back to Central Texas, autumn comes alive with many great things to do, see, and visit. If you live or work in the Austin area, getting...

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September 12TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

The many benefits of face-to-face meetings

Today’s technology has changed the way we do just about everything in business, including meetings. From emails to text and live chat, we have gotten used to the fact that...

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August 27TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Benefits of community involvement for your business

More than ever, businesses today need to be better connected to the community in which they do business. Even if the bulk of your customers are located in other parts...

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August 17TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Why it’s time to abandon your Austin commute

Let’s face it – commuting to the office might be the most annoying time-waster on the planet. The traffic, the parking, all that fuel – not to mention the valuable...

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July 25TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Beat the heat and check out our favorite swimming holes in Texas

Texas summertime is notoriously hot, hot, hot! Keeping your cool is a must in the summer months and there is no better way to re-energize than to dive into some...

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July 6TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Importance of networking for a new business

Face-to-face business networking is one of the most important ways to connect to your local business community. Whether you are new in town, looking to generate new business or just...

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June 5TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Hiring the right people for your business

Hiring the right people for your business is crucial to your success, both in the long and short-term. Hiring the wrong people—which happens all too often—can cause unnecessary disruption to...

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May 16TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Benefits of starting a business in Texas

Texas tops the list of America’s best places to do business and for good reason. The combination of a well-educated, high-performing workforce along with moderate tax policies and regulation are...

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