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Faces of Heritage with Raul Garcia of Recovery Leaders, LLC


Raul Garcia, owner and therapist of Recovery Leaders, LLC work to address the problems and gaps that individuals and organizations face when dealing with addictions. Keep reading to learn more about how Raul helps those in recovery.

Tell us about your company and what you do?

We work to find strategies to overcome and make them sustainable. Our goal is to provide services to those who lack access to traditional drug and alcohol services or find they need additional help.

The primary goal of therapy is to help individuals to find abstinence and sobriety, but we know that recovery is much more than that. Sobriety must be closely followed by an enriched and positive life experience if you are to find long-term recovery.

With training and consultation, we focus on teaching the basics of supporting people with addictions to keep good employees or helping leaders create better teams and cultures to help those needing recovery. We tailor training to support education and up-to-date information to help companies stay aware and competitive.

The time with us will culminate in a strong understanding of home, health, community, and purpose. We are positive that the insights our clients gain will assist in keeping someone in long-term recovery.

What motivates you at work?

Having been in the behavioral health field for over 20 years, I learned one of the biggest missing pieces was therapy services that really understood how to care for and treat addictions. We ultimately work to fill these gaps because what excites us is that when we help others, we get to save lives!

What advice would you give to other businesses?

Focus on value over volume. I have learned so much about how companies stretch themselves so thin by taking on as many clients as possible but end up shorting the service they provide. We focus on fewer clients to ensure we are able to give our full and undivided attention until they are done with our services. Our clients walk away happier and need us less in the future. It goes a long way and we are just as productive.

Why did you choose Heritage Office Suites?

We started with Heritage because during COVID we had to make adjustments much like everyone else. By being here, we were initially able to manage our costs, however as we grew, Heritage had everything we needed. From training organizations to individual sessions, all our needs have been met here. Not sure that we could do what we do now anywhere else.

How has working here helped you and your business?

Working at Heritage has helped us define more of what we can and want to do. Finding an office with a combination of resources and support is something that we can’t find. Now as we continue to expand our staff and resources, we hope to expand to Georgetown as well. For a small company like us, the combination of training rooms and office space is now a part of our standard services and would not be as successful as we have been without Heritage Offices.


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