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March 10TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Presence

There are almost four billion social media users in the world today. That’s a massive audience! While not every one of them is going to be interested in your business, it is still a metric that you can’t afford to ignore.

Whether you choose to put a lot of effort into it or not, there is still a lot of untapped potential there that can enhance and support your other marketing efforts.

Businesses Succeed With Social

As a business owner, you might have the impression that social media is just for recreation, but its influence goes much deeper.

Most users expect a business not only to have a social media presence but to have an active presence. The difference here is significant. If a consumer is researching a brand or product, they will almost always choose the company that is active, engaged, and popular with other users on social media, and we’re not just talking about paid advertising. Your page is your calling card. Wield it judiciously, and you will be rewarded.

Here are more reasons why your business needs a social media presence:

1.     Brand Awareness

If you are trying to build your brand, you need exposure. A social media presence is an excellent way to gain new customers and to develop a reputation as a trusted source for whatever it is you do.

2.     Build Authority

Are you the best at what you do? People want and need to know! A social media presence is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise in your niche. Whether you are a designer or a landscaper, contractor, accountant, or consultant, sharing before and after photos or posting actionable tips that have value to your customers builds authority and helps you compete.

3.     Be Authentic

Social media is not all about selling. Sure, the advertising aspect can be useful, but it’s more about showing who you really are, highlighting your brand’s personality, and connecting with people who like your style. Are you fun and irreverent? Or an authoritative subject matter expert? Demonstrate your passions, be human, be real – this is the way to connect with authenticity.

4.     Engage With Your Audience

Ever wonder what people think about your brand? Social media is the landscape that will help you find out! Encourage conversations and questions, respond thoughtfully, and experience how active engagement can help you build your audience.

5.     Grow Your Business Affordably

You don’t have to advertise on social media for it to grow your business. Post often, stay connected to your followers and resist the urge to push a sales-oriented agenda, and people will keep coming back.

These are just a handful of the reasons why your business needs a social media presence. For more tips on how Heritage Office Suites can support your business growth, check back often and visit our social channels today!

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