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Grow Your Business with Heritage Office Suites’ Business Community


A community of support for your business is a key to success. If you are a small business interested in growth but struggling to network with other companies, the trouble may be linked to your location. A storefront in a difficult to access location or an isolated office space can easily dampen growth potential. 

Why Community Matters

Small business experts with Goldman Sachs considers entrepreneurial communities part of the formula for success for small business. Business leaders are able to share their experience and provide a support system for one another. The unique assets and talents of individuals can complement one another within a community, bridging gaps that help one another achieve more and move forward progressively.

In addition to having access to resources to help you along the way, a network of support for your business will encourage referrals and sales potential that would otherwise not exist. This entrepreneurial community is exactly what the executive suite concept offers and more specifically Heritage Office Suites. 

Benefits of Joining a Business Community

Heritage Office Suites offers a business community that is setup to assist small business to thrive. Growth is stimulated through several different means: 

Business Referrals: Neighbors within the Heritage Office Suites community can refer a client to your business or service need that they are unable to meet. These referrals happen not only between businesses that greatly differ, but ones that are in the same field and offer a more niche service, as in our network of lawyers.  As clients engage in cross-referrals, a community base of clients for the business community will grow.

Special Events: To further support community atmosphere, Heritage Office Suites hosts networking events. They also host industry specific special events. Consider a recent event, a Meet and Greet Lunch, which was aimed to help Heritage Office Suites’ attorney clients.

Heritage is a resource for clients when they are looking for a recommendation because we have such a diverse community you can find anything from garage door repair to roofing to bookkeeper to attorney.”

Businesses Need a Community

Virtually every business specializes in a specific field. It’s rare to find everything in a one place. With a business community, like a shared office environment, you’re able to find referrals and resources for your business. For example, an attorney needs the services of investigators, bookkeeping services, couriers, etc. The same can be said for a company’s clients.

By being located within an executive office suite environment, a business owner is surrounded by many diverse industries so that many of their clients’ needs can be met within the single location. Companies looking to add value to their client relationships can position themselves as a resource by referring neighbors for services.

Office Versatility

Executive Suites are designed for versatility. The services we offer appeal to many different businesses and this leads to a variety of companies who are attracted to become a part of our business community. Consider these examples of office space that meet many different needs:

Virtual Office: Does your business model keep you on the go? Are you often on the road meeting people? Perhaps you work online and enjoy working at home but need an official business address. A virtual office is the perfect solution. This is where flexibility, convenience and professionalism all intersect with a live answering service, technology support, and more. When the day arrives that you need an executive conference room for an important meeting, that is part of the package as well.

Serviced Office: Fully furnished executive space allows even small businesses the luxury of a prime business address. Professional telephone and reception services, mail and shipping services, business lounge with coffee service, access to meeting rooms, administrative support and much more are all part of the serviced office model.

Join Our Community Today!

Becoming part of a successful business community has never before been easier and more affordable for small companies. If you are ready to join a vibrant microcosm of Round Rock and Austin area professionals, please contact us.

Written by: Heritage Office Suites

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and businesses of all sizes with a collaborative office environment, along with the on-demand services needed, to be more productive and innovative. Our all-inclusive workspaces are a cost-effective alternative to traditional office space that allows your business to thrive while staying lean and nimble.