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August 16TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

What You’re Leaving off Your Resume Might Affect Your Chances to Stand Out

Developing your CV or resume requires more than just listing your previous work experience, education level, and employment timelines. You may prepare your CV for a particular opportunity or create a more generic resume to reach a broader market. Either way, two categories of skills should always be included: job-specific and transferrable skills.

Recruiters look for more in submissions than just your job skills and if they’ll fit the job description. They want to know what kind of employee you’ll be and why you should be considered. To express what makes you the ideal candidate, you’ll need to include more than just your work experience.

Essential Skills to Include on Your Updated CV

Transferrable skills are the abilities and aptitudes developed during your working and academic life that apply to any aspect of your profession. These skills build the bedrock of your working life and are the most desirable skills employers are looking for in their candidates. Here are some of the top transferable skills often overlooked when designing a resume.

Initiative and Accountability

Being proactive, or showing initiative, shows that you can work independently, understand what needs to be done, follow tasks through to completion, and have minimal or no supervision. Being accountable for your work and actions and knowing when to seek assistance shows a strong sense of responsibility and initiative.

Troubleshooting or Problem-Solving

Employers want people to be able to think outside the box, analyze challenges or roadblocks and solve issues that arise, not only within a team but also individually.

Communication Skills

Strong writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills are crucial in any job. Communicating effectively with coworkers, clients, and customers in an articulate manner, discussing ideas and issues clearly, and being a good listener will build strong interpersonal relationships and help to resolve conflicts.


Employers want to know that you can work with others respectfully and effectively, sharing ideas and problem-solving together on tasks. Teamwork is where each has their responsibilities but can work together in a cohesive group as a team lead or team member.


Adapting to changes within our jobs and chosen industries is paramount to staying current and at the top of our chosen field. Employers need to know that you are flexible and adaptable to new concepts within their company.

Industry Informed

Let prospective employers know that you are up to date and informed on your chosen industry and display this knowledge online to support your CV claims. Heritage Office Suites can help you set up online tools such as Google My Business to keep you in the spotlight and easily accessible.

Here are a few additional skills you might want to include:

1.Attention to detail

2.Analytical skills




On your resume, it is vital to highlight your work history and education and indicate the core attributes and transferrable skills you’ve gained that will make you the right candidate for the job. When you seek a new direction and need assistance while building your CV, the administrative professionals at Heritage Office Suites are on hand to assist you and help make your resume stand out in the crowd.

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