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November 3TH, by Staff, No Comments

Fighting Hunger During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for giving, and what could be more important than providing nourishment and comfort to those less fortunate than us? Unfortunately, many small businesses overlook food...

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October 11TH, by Staff, No Comments

The Many Benefits of Private Offices

        So many companies are downsizing and leaning up operations to account for changes in how we work. Traditional offices are being replaced with flexible office spaces,...

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August 9TH, by Heritage Office Suites, No Comments

Here’s Why You Will Love Working Out Of Heritage Office Suites

  Everyone knows that the three most important things about real estate are location, location and location.  With Heritage Office Suites situated in the heart of Round Rock, TX, you...

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October 24TH, by Heritage Office Suites, No Comments

Time Warner Cable’s WiFi Network Expands across Austin

Time Warner Cable's WiFi Network Expands across Austin   Austin and Round Rock are becoming a couple of well-connected cities. By that we mean connected to the Internet. Between Google...

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July 12TH, by Heritage Office Suites, No Comments

What Kinds of People Are Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs There have been so many studies done on whether traits, personalities, or any other type of identifiable variable makes up entrepreneurs. The truth is an ever moving target. Dr....

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April 12TH, by Heritage Office Suites, No Comments

Google Fiber coming to Austin

So what had been a rumor for several weeks is now a fact. The famed Google Fiber project is coming to Austin. This will have a major impact on the...

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April 4TH, by Heritage Office Suites, No Comments

Whole Foods Spa?

Whole Foods Health Resort One of Austin’s prodigal son is considering to expand its portfolio by diversifying its offerings, although it is still looking to appeal to its current customer...

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March 13TH, by Heritage Office Suites, No Comments

Businesses Flocking to Austin / Round Rock

The news keep on piling in: businesses flocking to Austin / Round Rock. There is a definite exodus from California into the Austin / Round Rock area. This influx of...

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February 27TH, by Heritage Office Suites, No Comments

Austin is Fastest Growing City: 3rd Year in a Row

Austin Austin is the fastest growing city in the United States for the third year in a row. This large increase in population will create increase demands, more opportunities, and...

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February 20TH, by Heritage Office Suites, No Comments

Austin / Round Rock Hosting the Olympic Games? It Could Happen.

Although in its early stages the United States Olympic Committee has begun the decision process of whether to nominate a city as a candidate to host the 2024 Olympic Games....

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