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May 9TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

What are Flexible Workspaces and Why You Should Consider Them

Flexible workspaces are popping up everywhere, and there is a good reason they are on the minds of savvy entrepreneurs and businesspeople. With the options and amenities that a flexible workspace provides (it’s all about flexibility, after all), business owners now have a way to become more professional, while remaining nimble and saving money too.


So, what is a flexible workspace?

A flexible workspace is many things. It can be a shared office space with a suite of conventional offices that you rent on an as-needed basis. It could be a communal space with furniture groupings that can be changed to suit several needs. It could also be a co-working space, in which you are provided with several options, from lounge seating to communal tables. Flexible workspaces often have meeting rooms available to rent by the hour or by the day, in case you need to give a presentation, or a huddle room in case you need some private time to brainstorm with your team. They often provide their members with office amenities, such as a manned reception area, free Wi-Fi, coffee and refreshments, and professional office equipment such as printers, photo copiers and audio/visual equipment. Basically, it’s a fully equipped office that you can use when and if you need it, giving you access to a professional office environment without the lease or payroll expense, and without having to invest in furniture, phone lines, and technology.

Who is a flexible workspace for?

A flexible workspace could be considered for any size business, but many choose to go this route when they are first starting out, to establish themselves with a physical business address, a place to meet with suppliers, staff and employees, and perhaps gain some ranking for local SEO.

Flexible workspaces are used by:

Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs: taking your operations outside of the house gives you more control over your environment, and may help you be more productive.

Small businesses and startups: a flexible workspace allows you to save on lease costs, and the cost of purchasing office furniture and equipment – money that you can re-allocate into more important things as you grow your business.

Freelancers and remote workers: the gig economy, the millennial side-hustle, whatever you want to call it, freelancers and remote workers are everywhere, and sometimes the living room, the park, or the coffee shop just doesn’t cut it. Flexible workspaces provide freelancers and remote workers with an environment that is more conducive to productivity and allow them to work on their own terms.

Why you should consider a flexible workspace

There is a lot of research behind why flexible workspaces are so effective. Here’s a few:

Community: It’s often said that collaboration can increase productivity. In stark contrast to the 80’s desk cubicle that shut off office workers from all surrounding human contact, flexible workspaces spaces have areas where you can network and chat to both members of your team and those from other businesses. This is a great way to foster ideas and shake off any mental blocks. Opening up this flow of conversation will spark motivation and drive for the business.

Space and Flexibility: Businesses both large and small have enough at stake without spending extra money on printers, internet connections, furniture and coffee machines. Having these facilities incorporated into your office package avoids administrative chores and cuts costs. This enables businesses to remain lean, flexible and when they outgrow their current workspace, they can simply move to a bigger office down the hall.

Work/Life Balance: Professionals are looking to improve work/life balance by having the freedom to use alternate workspaces that can help alleviate long commutes. The freedom to work remotely or outside of traditional hours gives individuals more control over their time. Studies have found flexible options aren’t just good for the employees, they benefit the business as well. Nearly 80 percent of businesspeople polled agreed that flexible work increases staff retention, helps attract top talent and eases work-related stress.

Heritage Office Suites: Williamson County’s Flexible Workspace

With locations in both Roundrock and Georgetow, Heritage Office Suites offers the best of both worlds: a professional office environment, and workspace flexible enough to suit just about any type of business activity. If you are a small business owner in the Austin area and would like to come by for a tour, call us today. We would love to show you around, and talk to you about how a flexible workspace can help you grow your business.

Written by: Heritage Office Suites

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and businesses of all sizes with a collaborative office environment, along with the on-demand services needed, to be more productive and innovative. Our all-inclusive workspaces are a cost-effective alternative to traditional office space that allows your business to thrive while staying lean and nimble.