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October 15TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Give Your LinkedIn Profile a Polish

LinkedIn has been connecting people through its social media site since 2003 and originally was geared to corporate and business professionals.

These days, the platform attracts new users from a wide range of occupations and backgrounds, changing the original tone of the site. People in non-corporate and cross-over industries such as the arts have made LinkedIn more appealing and diversified. Entrepreneurs look to LinkedIn to network with potential customers and colleagues sharing similar goals.

Six Great Tips for Punching Up Your LinkedIn Profile

You need to be proactive in maintaining your account by keeping your information current and posting regular updates. This is vital to attracting others to your profile and expanding your network.

Here are some steps that you can take to avoid your profile becoming stale and overlooked.

1.     Refresh your profile and background images.

Use a profile photo that gives viewers an indication of your character and insight into your business or particular talent. For example, if you are a banking representative, apply an image that promotes you at work helping a customer. Decide how you wish to be represented and how you want others to see you by using a background image that reflects your brand. By choosing the right image, you can also incorporate a call to action that is obvious without words.

2.     It Is All About You

Prevent your About section from being a dry blurb about your career history and qualifications. This is where you can wow people! Get them curious to know more about what makes you unique. Engage visitors with relevant updates significant to your brand or business. Mention goals, priorities, and throw in interesting facts about you to grab and hold their attention.

3.     Clarify Your Job Goals

Many employers now refer to LinkedIn for fact-finding about potential job candidates. Your profile can guide them to pertinent information regarding your job history, skill sets, and career highlights, acting as an extension of your resume. Here you can provide insight into your goals and what you are looking for in a business partner, employer, or collaborator.

4.     Catch Them with Your Headline

Your headline needs to capture the reader’s interest and encourage them to delve deeper. Highlight what sets you apart and use keywords that relate to your field of interest and expertise. Try not to be repetitive, and use the space to promote your qualities and express your enthusiasm for your chosen career path.

5.     Recommendations and Endorsements

Part of the beauty of LinkedIn is the ability to post a public recommendation or endorsement on someone’s profile within your professional network. This will encourage others to return the favor, adding credibility to your profile and showing employers that you are connected and engaged with others in your field.

6.     Display Your Best Features

The Featured section is a helpful tool for highlighting accomplishments and sharing information, saving repetition in your feed. These can include current projects that you are working on, recognition and awards, customer feedback, or an upcoming event. You can also insert links to outside coverage.

By keeping your LinkedIn profile information current and engaging, you will see your network expand and align with those sharing your professional interests and goals. To everyone’s mutual benefit, LinkedIn is no longer a site used strictly for job search.

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