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February 24TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

The Beauty of Business Referrals

The business world is highly competitive, so how will you set your brand apart from the rest? What will help sway potential customers in your favor?

No matter how good they may be, marketing strategies are not enough on their own to secure a solid client base. Client trust and goodwill can give you that extra boost to edge out the competition, and quality referrals are the perfect way to accomplish that.

The Power of the People

According to 2015 research compiled by online data analyst Nielsen Holdings, consumer trust can be incredibly compelling. And it turns out that the people we trust most to inform our consuming habits are our loved ones. Approximately 83 percent of global survey respondents said they ‘completely or somewhat’ trust their family and friends’ recommendations. Meanwhile, 66 percent of respondents said they trusted the consumer opinions of internet reviewers. On top of that, referred clients also tend to be more loyal and have a 16 percent higher lifetime value than clients who are not.

A referral is when someone in your network recommends your organization to a prospective client. This can happen either organically in conversation or through an intentional marketing referral effort. However, a referral has to be done right to be effective. If you attempt to shoehorn a referral into a conversation out of nowhere, it can come across as pushy and insincere.

Here are our top tips for boosting the quality and frequency of your referrals for business success!

Go Over and Above

Clients remember good customer service. If you go above and beyond to service their needs and provide them with exceptional customer service, their experience is likely to be a memorable one. Don’t settle for the minimum: if you want their continued patronage and their trust, give them an experience they’ll want to brag to others about.

Ask For A Review

Encourage your customers to share their positive experiences online. This can mean sharing reviews on your website and social media platforms, leaving a rating on Google, or tagging you in their posts. If they loved what you have to offer, they might even personally discuss it with their family and friends. To help things along, make sure your social channels are up to date, readily accessible, linked, and ready to share.


Sometimes people just need a little extra encouragement to hop on the referral bandwagon. Consider incentivizing clients who refer you to their friends and family. Gift cards, promotional items, discounts, and shopping credits are great for this. You might also consider turning referrals into a fun game. A little competition may be just the thing people need to seal the deal. After all, everyone likes to win!

Ultimately, getting referrals is all about making your business as open, appealing, and rewarding as possible. After all, referrals benefit everyone, so be sure to make it worth their while! And when you need help managing all that extra business, Heritage Office Suites is here to help with virtual office packages, meeting rooms, and professional administrative support. Reach out today to learn more.

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