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April 13TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Top Tips to Help You Worry Less

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed these days, you’re not the only one. Life can get you down at the best of times, but lately, even the most resilient among us are showing signs of stress. So, if you’re struggling with worry, it’s understandable.

There are lots of strategies you can apply to help pull you out of a worry spiral. You need to be able to rebalance your body and mind when you’re stuck with anxious thoughts. Exercise, meditating, and using grounding techniques are great solutions for when your brain is going a-mile-a-minute. They might not solve the problem, but they will ease the symptoms, and that’s a good thing.

If you find yourself worrying constantly, you might want to try and ignore these feelings. But when it comes down to it, you have to address the root cause of your worry. Coping mechanisms will treat the symptoms, but you’ll never figure out how to truly slow or stop the fear in its tracks.

Try Journaling

If you’re worried and you can’t figure out what’s making you feel that way, try journaling. Writing serves two purposes. First, it has a soothing effect at the moment, which can help you slow your racing mind. Beyond that, it can help you identify what’s actually causing you to worry. You may start to notice trends in terms of where and when your worry spikes. Knowing where the issue lies is the first step to dealing with it.

Go With the Flow

On the other hand, maybe you know exactly what is worrying you, but you just can’t stop it. Maybe you shouldn’t try to stop it at all. You’re fighting with yourself internally; your emotional brain is running through a scary list of what-ifs and then-what’s, while your logical brain is trying to suppress it. Don’t beat yourself up for worrying. It’s completely natural. Instead, let it flow; don’t fight it. You may think that letting it happen will make it worse, but trying to push it back unsuccessfully will only delay the process.

Worst-Case Scenario

Acknowledge your worries and face them as best you can. Oftentimes, our imagination is a lot worse than reality. Consider the worst-case scenario of your worries and realize that the majority of the time, it is blown way out of proportion. Our brains really can be our own worst enemies.

It should be noted that there are differences between commonplace worries, actual fear, and extreme clinical anxiety. If you have anxiety, don’t be afraid to seek treatment. It’s normal to worry, but constant anxiety can be crushing to you and those around you.

Regardless of what’s going on inside your head, just know that you don’t have to deal with worry alone. If your worry is caused by your behaviors, try to change them. If the worry is out of your control, try to let it go. Don’t add a battle with your brain to your list of concerns.

You are not your thoughts, and you will be okay.

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