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Techniques to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

In today’s workplace, emphasis is shifting from multitasking to more focused task management, and there are new techniques now being used that indicate a positive effect on productivity. Technologies and businesses are surfacing that are designed to promote increased productivity in the workplace, including professional coaching, venues for team retreats, and specialized apps.

However, as entrepreneurs, employers, and employees, we first need to identify how we work and learn as individuals and what is required within our specific industries. Working smarter equals working more productively and using proven behavioral methods to appeal to motivation and how our brains disseminate information, we can enhance our overall productivity.

What Are Productivity Techniques?

Productivity techniques help clarify the end goal and the path that leads us there. Usually structured, these techniques help keep us focused and take advantage of the unique way that an individual’s brain works. Everyone is different, and while some methods work for some, they may not reap the same results in others.

It can take experimentation to find the right motivation tools, so here are a few ideas on productivity techniques to try. Ultimately, it is about finding the right approach that keeps employees happy in their work, satisfied with their accomplishments, and eager to succeed.

Workplace Environment

The space where you work can impact performance, especially if there are ongoing issues such as poor lighting, lack of ergonomics, and stale airflow.

1  Ensure that employees have efficient lighting that mimics natural light as much as possible to prevent premature fatigue and eye strain.

2  Provide areas to relax and energize during breaks that allow discussion and brainstorming.

3  Save time and effort by providing updated technology and equipment to reduce wait times for materials. Frustration can mount if the equipment is sub-standard and cannot perform required tasks efficiently and on time, promoting stress and impacting productivity.

4  Recycled air can cause fatigue and lead to illness in some. Make sure that the air filters are clean and updated regularly.

Set Realistic Timelines and Deadlines

Each project or daily routine usually follows a schedule. Unfortunately, as some people try to multitask, these timelines can fall out of sequence and result in missed deadlines.

Look closely at what needs to be done and set up a strategic plan for tasks based on a realistic timeline. If a group of employees works together, delegate tasks based on skill sets to accomplish the target promptly.

Employing CRMs and Technology

Businesses today are starting to apply new technology to increase productivity. Some excellent applications can facilitate the speed it takes to organize and complete a task, track progress, and help organize the workload. CRMs, or Customer Relations Management tools, are software programs designed to develop, acquire, retain customer relationships and assist with keeping daily records, mapping out goals, and how the business is achieving those targets.

Using the most up-to-date technology and software programs also assists employees in staying current.

Take Time to Breathe

Non-technical strategies are also essential, such as inserting regular breaks to rest and refresh ourselves, helping us to prepare for the next task, project, or meeting. The ninety-minute method is excellent for avoiding burnout by giving the employee enough time to focus and finish a job, take a short break, and begin the next task.

Providing employees with the right tools to get jobs done, setting realistic deadlines, planning out timelines, and offering space to unwind leads to happier workers and ultimately increased productivity. With new challenges facing businesses and employees today, due partly to the Covid 19 pandemic, it is worthwhile to review current practices and look at new techniques for enhancing employee satisfaction and happiness on the job, leading to higher productivity.

Productivity relies on many factors, and Heritage Office Suites ticks off all the boxes to supply efficient, modern, up-to-date, flexible workspaces for employees and entrepreneurs.


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