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April 18TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Flexible Workspaces: Not Your ‘Traditional’ Office Space


We don’t remember our parents ever saying, “we want to go into the office.” Luckily for us at Heritage, we have heard some of our members say how much they look forward to coming into the workplace. Coincidence? We think not.

Flexible workspaces have completely revolutionized the concept of ‘office’. Long gone are the days of opaque, beige, and intimidating corporate-looking offices. Instead, the office (or workplace as it’s most popularly referred to as today) has become a place people want and look forward to going to. At least so is the case with most flexible workspaces, which offer a refreshing ideal of what the workplace should be like.

When you walk into a flexible workspace center, you’ll know what we are talking about. Modern design, clean look, young feel, and ergonomic furniture; we promise you won’t find any oversized desks or bureaus, closed doors, presidential chairs, and people in monotone suits when you come and visit us.

Take for example our Heritage workspaces, which was made possible only as a response to today’s workforce and workplace revolution. Long gone are the days of our parent’s intimidating offices. Instead, we’re living in a world where the workplace is somewhere people choose to be in, they choose to be inspired by the surroundings and the environment we provide, by the diversity of people they have the opportunity to interact with–which is why flexible workspaces are carefully designed and thought-out.

Flexible workspaces are the staple of what a 21st century office should look and feel like. They’re the physical manifestation of collaboration, innovation, and community. They have given the office concept a 360-degree turn, turning the office from a place workers have to be to one they want to be in. There’s a reason why today’s workplace is a key player in talent retention, wellness, and work-life integration.

But let’s not talk about only the physical space. Flexible workspaces have taken the office game to a whole new level by emphasizing on hospitality. Flexible workspaces usually offer everything from a comfortable desk and a well-designed space, all the way to premium coffee, mail handling services, and live receptionist services. And should anyone need something else, well we’re open to ideas, and we’re set on catering to all professional needs that might arise.

At Heritage Office Suites, you will find private spaces, open spaces, collaboration areas, meeting rooms, kitchen area, and more. Our goal is to create a multisensory, full-encompassing environment that meets the needs and demands of workers–regardless of their title, their salary, or their line of work.

As you can imagine, we’re not your traditional description of office space. Quite the contrary, we’re a space where ideas flow freely, where innovation has a home, and where people want to be in (and not just from 9 to 5).

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Written by: Heritage Office Suites

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