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June 7TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Five Reasons why Smart Companies are Going Remote


The freelance revolution is going strong in 2017. In fact, it is predicted that by 2020, 50% of the workforce in the United States will be freelance. From virtual assistants to high-level executives, many workers are finding that their earning power is greater when they’re not tied to one company. It allows them the freedom to work from home, giving them more options for work-life balance, and even better – no commute!

And what’s good for the worker is good for the company: with the ready availability of freelance, contract and remote workers, smart companies are able to cash in on this trend too. It allows them to hire on an as needed basis, saving them on HR resources, payroll and benefits, as well as the real estate they would normally need to accommodate a team.

Here are the five top reasons smart companies are relying more on remote workers:

1. Recruit and retain talent no matter where they are located

Companies that hire remote workers have the advantage of not being limited to the local talent pool. If they need a highly specialized professional, they have the ability to seek out the brightest and the best, wherever they might be, bringing tremendous value to the company, not to mention the bottom line.

2. Keeps overhead costs down

Maintaining a remote workforce allows companies to save on office space and other in-house resources like workstations, and other technology that office workers need to do their jobs. As many remote workers are contractors, it also reduces the cost of payroll tax and benefits that they would normally have to pay out.

3. Strengthen the company culture

Remote workers are happier workers – it’s a fact. Given the freedom and flexibility to work remotely, employees will tend to stick around a lot longer than if they were relegated to the office every day. It also allows the company to be more competitive in attracting top talent, giving them a significant edge over companies who don’t allow or offer remote working opportunities.

4. Focus on what’s important

Encouraging a culture that includes a remote workforce allows a company to spend more time on growing the business, rather than dealing with dress codes, parking spaces, and office politics. Remote workers tend to be healthier, as they can better allocate time to eat properly, exercise and spend time with their family – all issues that contribute greatly to employee health and wellbeing.

5. Remote workers are saving the planet

It’s true – remote workers can have a significant impact on the environment, simply by staying right where they are. Think about how many vehicles they are taking off the highways, and how much that will reduce emissions, not to mention the massive reduction in the need for fuel. Additionally, the largely millennial workforce who make up your remote team will be summarily impressed by your commitment to the environment, and it just may give them a reason to stay on.

For the companies that have embraced a remote working strategy, it has become part of a long-term plan for sustainable growth. As the speed of business continues to accelerate, the smartest among them have leveraged technology and adaptive processes to build their bottom line, and remote workers are at the core of this movement. For companies, as well as for the remote workers themselves, this is a ‘new normal’.

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