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Faces of Round Rock with Rodney Bryant of Waterloo Legal Process Service


Did you know that there are more people in Texas with permission to carry a gun than there are residents of the city of Fort Worth?  As of 2016, Texas became the second state with over one million residents with handgun licenses (Florida the other).  If you are one of the million Texas residents with a handgun license, it’s important that you carry with confidence.  One way to achieve that is to have licensed to carry protection through Texas Law Shield.

This month we sat down with Rodney Bryant with Waterloo Legal Process Service to discuss Texas Law Shield, how he got started in this business, learn something new about his business and why he chose Heritage Office Suites.

Hi, Rodney! Tell me a little bit about what you do at Waterloo Legal Process Service and what kind of services your company offers.

Waterloo Legal Process Service primarily provides private civil process services to law firms, debt collection agencies, and individuals as opposed to their looking to the Constable’s Office for service.  They look to us because we are much more expedient and offer better services.  We also provide private investigation services, mobile notary services and courier services.

I also offer legal protection through Texas Law Shield to those who are licensed to carry.  This service offers UNLIMITED legal representation anytime one is involved in a legal situation where a handgun is involved.  It is very inexpensive and dependable.  You are welcome to ask me for more information.

How did you get into your current career?

It was a kind of natural progression form Law Enforcement.  Although, I didn’t enter the private investigation field until 12 years after I retired.  The process service portion was just part of the services offered.

I was talked into this career by a Private Investigator friend who needed some help after encountering health problems.  I had avoided this field for years, and one day, my friend contacted me and told me his health was failing and he needed help in continuing his business.  He asked me to get licensed and I did.  Eventually, we separated the process service business from the Private Investigations work and made it its own entity.

What can people expect from meeting with you?

Truthfully, I rarely meet a client in person.  The bulk of my business is conducted throughout the telephone or e-mail contact.  However, on occasion, I will meet with local clients to return completed legal documents to them.  When “meeting” with potential clients, I would like to think they find me to be professional, honest, and reputable.  Where Respondents (those I am serving papers to) are concerned, I hope they experience the same and come away believing they are not being judged for the circumstances they are currently experiencing.  This is the last thing that person needs.

What is something about your business that most people don’t know?

There is a misperception that process service is a dangerous business and the process servers receive mistreatment from those being served.  Yes, this can and does happen when you don’t know how to present yourself.  However, I have always found when you treat people with dignity, respect, and be nice when they open the door to you, they will respond in kind.  This has been my experience over the past 12 years.  I have yet to be in an altercation with the respondent.  Nor, have I ever been complained about or subpoenaed to appear in court for improper service.  It’s not Magnum PI.  Did I just show my age?  People don’t realize, it’s not as it appears on TV.  Most surveillances are very boring and mundane.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Contrary to what one might believe, I have no desire to build a mega-business.  I don’t do a lot to build my business.  This is not to say that I won’t take on new clients.  I do this all the time, and gladly so.  I stay just busy enough to keep me out of trouble and make a little extra money at the same time.

What about your job inspires you?

I love meeting new people and making new friends.  I consider relationships more important in business than anything else.  Every time I have an opportunity to meet someone new, I consider this an inspiration.

Give us a little background on yourself. (Where are you from, family, education, hobbies, etc.…?)

I am a third-generation Austinite, born and raised.  My parents are still living.  My dad is 96 and mom is 90 and they reside in Round Rock.  Dad was recently honored by the Austin City Council as the oldest living firefighter in Austin.  He served with the Austin Fire Department from 1957 to 1978.

I have been married to my wife, Michele for 26 years and we have one daughter, Jaymee who is a Registered Nurse at St. David’s in Round Rock.  She is married to Christian who is a chef.  I have two sons from a previous marriage.  Jason is an Austin Firefighter, his wife Nicole, also an Austin Firefighter.  They have three children Georgia, Charlie and Hattie.  Jeff works for Austin Energy and with his wife, Liz has a son named Rook Willis.  My oldest son Jarrod passed away in 1999 as a result of prostate cancer.

I graduated from Crockett High School in 1970 and after a short and very boring time in college at Central Texas College studying Criminal justice, I applied to the Austin Police Department where I began my career on January 18, 1971.

I retired from the Austin PD after a 25-year career.  While there, I worked in nearly every capacity available to me.  Patrol, Motorcycle Unit, walking beat, community services, and criminal investigations, including auto theft, robbery, child abuse investigative unit, youth services and organized Crime Task Force.  I spent the majority of my investigative career in the Child Abuse Investigative Unit and found this to be the most wonderful and rewarding experience one could ask for.

I served approximately 5 years with the Austin Independent School District Police Department where I was a campus Site Resource Officer, enforcing school-related laws and investigating on-campus criminal activity.

After retirement, I spent my time learning new businesses not related to law enforcement.  Golf Course Cart Barn Manager and operating Rod’s General Store in Barton Creek Mall, Restaurant Equipment Business at Ace Mart Restaurant Supply, etc.

When I’m not working, I enjoy motorcycles, golf and poker.

Other than work, what inspires you?

Simple.  Watching my wonderful grandchildren grow and develop.  I am inspired by each of their individual personalities.  Also, as previously mentioned, I really like meeting new people and building relationships.

Why did you choose Heritage Office Suites? How has Heritage Office Suites helped your motivation/productivity, or how has it helped your business grow?

I learned about Heritage Office Suites from a client, Anji Maddox, of She Spies Private Investigations, who has a virtual office here.  The day I walked in to inquire about services offered by Heritage, the first person I spoke to was Ja-Ann.  Nothing else needed to be said about that.  I was sold on the place.

Since that time, it has been my experience that the receptionists, the relaxed atmosphere and the willingness to serve has always been present.  I can only say, every time I have ever walked out of the building from doing business, I have always felt uplifted and appreciated.  I would recommend Heritage Office Suites to anyone.  I have told everyone I know.

I have been spoiled by Virginia and Amber, as well as Jenny and Jeanette in Georgetown.  They have learned to tolerate me very well.

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