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March 18TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

6 Reason Why Shared Workspaces are Perfect for Large Companies

Shared workspaces are becoming less of an oddity these days. No longer the milieu of freelancers and startups, even larger companies and corporations are choosing shared workspaces.

The truth is, CEOs love shared workspaces as much as employees love using them because they help them maximize physical office space and support the fluidity of their workforce – something that is critical in the competitive world of big business.

Here are some of the top reasons larger companies are choosing shared workspaces:

1. Lower costs

In the effort to operate on as lean a budget as possible, a shared workspace offers a way to give employees what they need to do the job without having to assign office space, purchase furniture, or provision technology.

2. Reduce unused space

Some companies have come to depend on a global workforce to assure they are accessing top talent. Remote teams reduce the need for dedicated office space. A shared workspace offers the amenities employees need on-demand so the space that would typically sit idle, waiting for an occasion when it’s needed, can be reallocated to something more useful and profitable.

3. Reduce risk

When a large company enters a new market, it often does so at considerable risk. Were they to purchase a building or enter into a traditional lease agreement, they would be on the hook in case things didn’t work out. By choosing shared office space, it gives them the chance to test the waters and get established before making such a significant investment.

4. Convenience

When doing business in other markets, it always helps to have a base of operations. Even if it’s just periodically needed to meet with clients or suppliers, a shared office space provides a turnkey office for your team so they can walk off the plane and get right down to work.

5. Access talent wherever it lives

If a company is sourcing talent on a global scale, whomever they connect with on the other end should have the facilities they need to work efficiently. Providing access to shared office space allows them to offer their remote teams all the amenities of the home office without having to relocate them. Flexible office spaces provide business-grade communications technology and office equipment, ensuring that your top talent is always well taken care of.

6. Seamless scale

As it often happens these days, many large companies experience sudden scale, meaning that they need to expand quickly to accommodate a higher (or lower) volume of business. With a shared office space nearby, this type of growth can be managed without the inherent stress and chaos that usually comes with a significant change in business.

In conclusion, you don’t have to be a small business, remote worker, or freelancer to get a lot out of shared office space! Large companies of all kinds are choosing shared workspaces for their flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and risk-mitigating benefits.

If you would like to learn more about how shared office space can help your bottom line, reach out today.

Written by: Heritage Office Suites

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