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Faces of Round Rock with Wayne Womac of Legacy Protection & Preservation

One of the best parts of our community at Heritage office Suites is getting to know our members. We enjoy being able to learn more about what everyone does not just on a professional level, but on a personal one as well. We recently had the chance to learn more about Wayne Womac and his company and we hope you enjoy getting to learn more about Wayne as well – Take a look!

Hi Wayne! Tell me a little bit about what you do at Legacy Protection & Preservation and what kind of services your company offers.

Our focus is to help build and save peoples retirement and estate. We protect and preserve their nest egg just like our name states. Educating our clients and community is very important to us so we do a lot of educational events every year. Some of our most popular services are the free financial analysis we offer, 401(k) Rollovers and Tax-Free Wealth building. Even amidst this pandemic we have been able to continue working with people 100% online that prefer it over an in-person office visit.

How did you get into your current career?

I have been in this industry for over 37 years, I left the corporate world because I did not want people to control my time and income. I had an opportunity to get into financial services and I have been in it ever since and helping and educating people.

What can people expect from meeting with you?

Our goal with everyone we sit down with is to educate them on financial options they may not be aware of and to help them become smarter with their money and have greater life success.

What is something about your business that most people don’t know?

We were honored last year to be nominated by a client for Texas Family Business of the Year and made it as a finalist and were awarded the “Texas Family Business of the Year Family Values Award” by the Institute for Family Business at Baylor University. As a firm with three Aggies and a Longhorn, we were pleasantly surprised at this nomination and truly honored to receive such a prestigious award by the Bears.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I plan to transition to a consulting role in my business as my wife and I look towards retirement and for my daughter, Kristen, an A&M Mays Business School Graduate with International Certification and son-in-law, Thomas, to take over the business. They have become experts in our areas of specialization and helped grow our business tremendously in the past five years. I look forward to seeing them continue the family legacy we have created.

What about your job inspires you?

The impact we are able to make on someone’s financial journey and the success of our clients inspires me. What we are able to offer our clients with products and plans are so different from the typical broker, CPA or baking system. We give them the education and protection needed so they can live the life they deserve and desire.

Give us a little background on yourself. (Where are you from, family, education, hobbies, etc…)

I was born and raised in Houston and graduated from Texas A&M University, completing my BS and MA there. I met my wife, Carolyn of 41 years, at A&M and was proud to see our daughters, Robyn and Kristen, graduate from A&M and well. My son, Brandon, went to Texas Tech University so we are a house divided. As far as hobbies go, I’ve always been an outdoorsman, hunting, guiding and fishing. BBQ has been a passion of mine for a long time as well, so I’ve always helped at my church with BBQs and fundraising events. We also host an annual BBQ for our clients and associates. Lastly, winemaking has become a hobby in the past five years. We do the entire process ourselves from picking to corking and labeling and this has been a nice gift to give to family, friends, and clients during the holidays or at events we host.

Other than work, what inspires you?

Great question. The first word that comes to mind is family. I’ve been focused on building something that will last for our family’s generations to come. That’s where I’m at right now and everything about the relationships we build with trust and love.

Why did you choose Heritage Office Suites? How has Heritage Office Suites helped your motivation/productivity, and/or how has it helped your business grow?

Heritage Office Suites has been a blessing for us. I believe I am now the oldest tenant. We found Heritage about six months after they opened. It’s been a long time and we’ve gone through ownership changes, staff changes, bit it has always been a great location with professional people. HOS in Georgetown and Round Rock has helped us grow our business by having a professional office setting to conduct meetings with all the amenities that make it a great experience for any client meeting or training event we host.

If you would like to learn more about Wayne or Legacy Protection & Preservation, you can visit their website, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

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