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6 Ways to Increase Referrals and Build Your Business

Referrals are a great way to build new business, and they should be a critical component of your small business marketing plan. Referrals help you leverage the enthusiasm of your already satisfied customers, helping you gain ground without having to expend a lot of energy and resources on marketing.

Developing a referral program for your clientele is job one; once you get some momentum going, there will be no stopping you. However, this is just one approach. In truth, there are lots of ways to go about increasing referrals.

If you don’t know where to start, here are six ways to increase referrals and build your business:

1.     Ask for referrals outright

If you have an enthusiastic customer who is simply raving about your product or service, take the opportunity to find out if they know anybody like them who could benefit from what you have to offer. Chances are if you were able to solve a problem for them, they likely know other individuals who are in the same position.

2.     Offer referral incentives

Offer your regular clientele something in return for a successful referral. It could be a discount on future services, free goods, or an upgrade to a higher level of service delivery. Think about what your customers really want and get creative – it could be a gift card, movie tickets, even cash.

3.     Give them something unexpected

At the end of a job, you might think about giving your customers a little something that they didn’t expect, like a small discount or a low-cost accessory—like a pen or a flash drive with your company logo on it—that they will use every day and hopefully keep you top-of-mind as a result. Little gestures like this always leave a warm impression and will lead to more referrals as a result.

4.     Deliver excellence in everything you do

Delivering excellence in everything you do will build a better impression of you and your company. If you consistently deliver a superior result, this commitment will speak for itself. Ensure you are giving 100 percent, from the first phone call to invoicing and you can’t go wrong.

5.     Be thankful

The final point of contact is the one that leaves the most memorable impression. After the work and the transaction is completed, reach out to thank your clients for their support. Keep in mind that they have a choice as to whose business they will patronize and be the one that they want to come back to. In life, as in business, a little gratitude goes a long way.

6.     Get involved

Getting involved with your local community is a great way to encourage referrals. Join your local BIA and attend their meetings regularly to meet other business owners in the community. Keeping your face in the game raises your visibility and it’s highly likely that when one of them needs a service like yours, you’ll be the first to get the call.

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