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April 20TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Why virtual offices are great for Texas attorneys


Solo law practices are becoming more prevalent in today’s business world. As technology and connectivity continue to make our working lives easier, attorneys have tools at their fingertips that can help them achieve their productivity goals as well as security and profitability with ease. For a solo law practice, staying profitable can be a challenge, but a virtual office can deliver all these benefits and more.

As today’s business landscape becomes more competitive, companies are always looking for ways to stay lean and there are few other niches where this is more evident than in legal practice. With consumers turning to sites like LegalZoom for their legal needs, an attorney needs to stay competitive and that means keeping overheads low and customer service high.

Here’s what virtual offices deliver to the solo law practice:

1. Low-cost professional offices

One of the biggest costs in maintaining an office is the office space itself. Office lease, furniture, technology, internet, phone systems, website, staffing … it all adds up to a huge monthly nut that may force you to shift the onus of paying for it back onto your customer. With a virtual office, you pay a low price every month for all that and more. Without the need to invest in so many things, you can deliver value back to where it matters: your bottom line, and your clients’ wallets.

2. Help when you need it

A virtual office offers on-demand administrative services when you need it. If you need help with data entry, mailing, compiling discovery materials, research, or just somebody to answer phones, it’s all there for the asking. Better yet, you only pay for what you use, so when you don’t need the extra help, you’re not paying for it.

3. Physical location

A virtual office not only gives you a professional business address, it also gives you a base of operations even if most of your work is done remotely. This is handy if you need to meet with a client or need to conduct business someplace other than at your home or the local coffeeshop.

4. Privacy and security

It is always important to protect your personal privacy and security as well as that of your family. You probably wouldn’t want your clients or colleagues to have your home address, and depending on what type of law you practice, this has the potential for taking on a more serious tone. A virtual office gives you a business address that you can use on all your business cards, website, and marketing materials, ensuring your image is all-pro, all the way.

5. A virtual office helps you grow your business

If you are considering expanding your business into other cities or regions, a virtual office gives you a local presence that will make it easier for new clients to put their trust in you. A virtual office offers all the amenities of a traditional office without you actually having to be there.

If you have a solo law practice in the Austin area, a virtual office can help you grow and prosper. With locations in Round Rock and Georgetown, we are always ready to help. Drop by today for a tour, or call to learn more.

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