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April 4TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Whole Foods Spa?

Whole Foods Health Resort

One of Austin’s prodigal son is considering to expand its portfolio by diversifying its offerings, although it is still looking to appeal to its current customer base. Currently loyal Whole Foods customers are very health conscious and due to the price point of the products, this tend to attract a segment of the population that tends to be well to do. By opening a Health Resort, Whole Foods would be essentially offering an “experience” that would be very well received by its current client base. As Robin Shreeves writes:

You may soon be able to have a relaxing day at Whole Foods. Not the Whole Foods grocery store where the prices can sometimes make you feel like you’re in cardiac arrest, but a Whole Foods upscale health resort where you can go for spa treatments and receive a healthy lifestyle education.

Whole Foods is looking to create its first resort in Austin, Texas, where the company’s headquarters is located. Whole Foods co-founder John Mackey talked exclusively about the resort to USA Today and said the project is about three years away.

The company already has an in-house healthy lifestyle education program that Mackey says has improved the lives of hundreds of the Whole Foods’ employees. The health resort would start from the in-house program and would open up to anyone — or anyone who can afford a resort with Whole Foods in its name.

If you’re a Whole Foods shopper, will you be keeping an eye out for the opening of the Whole Foods resort to get in on their healthy lifestyle education?

The good news is that this resort is set to open in the Austin / Round Rock area, thus further stimulating an already very hot economy. If this resort turns out to be a success, do you think that Whole Foods will decide to expand other resorts in additional metropolitan areas in the Nation?

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