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Virtual Offices in Round Rock are an Ideal Solution to Over-Crowded Austin Business Suites

Austin is strained when it comes to professional space, to put it mildly. Offices are hard to come by no matter if you are a business of one or one-hundred. Even if you can find an office solution, you will be hard pressed to find one with parking or any kind of consistent client services.

Additionally, meeting rooms are constantly full and no one has time to offer you coffee, much less help with copies for your next meeting. Your clients will likely be a frustrated mess when they arrive late after searching for parking and hoofing it five blocks in 90 plus degree heat just to get to you. Oh yeah, how much do they want you to pay for all of this again? There has to be a better way.

There is a Better Way and a Better Place!

Round Rock is a tech-savvy, desirable location for businesses and is easily accessible from Austin. Round Rock boasts an affluent, highly educated community with little traffic and plenty of parking. Heritage Office Suites is conveniently located near I-35 and provides a professionally decorated office space with several meeting room options, as well as dedicated staff to help with your office needs. If you live or work in Austin on a regular basis, a virtual office in the Round Rock area is an ideal solution for the pains of trying to find office space in the overcrowded city.

Heritage Office Suites offers just such a solution. With our virtual office packages, you will have a physical address where your mail and packages can be sent or for paper billing and any other form of not-so-virtual communication your business might receive. This is also extremely beneficial as an address that can be listed on your business website and anywhere online that your business is listed. You will receive a notification via email when there is something for you to pick up so that you don’t miss anything important or urgent. Additionally, you can have the benefit of a professional administrative staff who will answer your dedicated phone number and relay any messages directly to you.

What happens if you need access to a conference room with your virtual office space? A good virtual office provider should be able to supply that for you as easily as if you rented your own space. Heritage Office Suites is a premier provider of complete virtual office solutions. Booking a meeting room is as simple as the click of your mouse button. Our professional conference areas are not only loaded with state of the art functionality and technology, but we also offer support staff and the scalability to book these rooms in flexible intervals—from one-hour timeframes to full day events if necessary. Whether you’re looking for a space for a quick client meeting or a company retreat, we have a solution for you.

Round Rock Virtual Office Options

For business owners who do not need a full-time office, Heritage Office Suites offers a basic address package including a very comprehensive list of valuable services such as physical address, mail and package receipt, use of our touchdown space, 24/7 access to meeting rooms and day offices at preferred rates, online meeting room booking, and access to a high-speed Internet connection. For the small business or professional that needs a little more premium offering out of a virtual office, we also offer a live receptionist package. It provides you with all the services in the basic package plus call answering, voicemail to email service, and call forwarding.

We’re so convinced that you’ll be impressed by the quality of our services, we’ll let you try us out for free. Visit our homepage and click the “Try us for free” button to find out how we can provide a far superior alternative to traditional and costly office space. Then you can see first-hand how inviting and professional our staff is, as well as all of the great benefits and amenities available when you come into the office for a meeting.

If you are frustrated with the traffic, lack of space and parking in Austin, it’s time to think about making a move. Round Rock is your solution to over-crowded Austin business suites. Heritage Office Suites can provide you with a virtual office environment that is perfectly customizable to suit your specific needs. Please contact us today for more information.

Written by: Heritage Office Suites

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