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Virtual Office Client Spotlight: The Law Office of Dax Garvin, P.C.

Heritage Office Suites is proud to meet the diverse, ever-changing needs of our clients. Whether it’s a professional image, reception services, meeting space, or live phone answering service – our personal, professional touch sets us apart from other workspace providers.

Our confidence in the experience we deliver is validated by the business owners we serve. Dax Gavin, with The Law Office of Dax Garvin, P.C., has been a virtual office client with Heritage Office Suites for nearly two years and a testament to the claim that we are “Round Rock’s Finest Workspace Provider with Complete Flexibility”.

An attorney since 2002, Mr. Garvin is devoted to helping Travis, Williamson and Hays County, Texas residents defend against criminal charges. He also works with people to manage their family law matters and to receive compensation when they suffer injuries caused by someone else.

Garvin describes his company as “an inclusive, compassionate law firm that takes criminal defense cases primarily in Williamson County…striving to be accessible by offering evening and weekend appointments and working with people of all walks of life and offering affordable payment arrangements.”

When asked why he chose Heritage Office Suites to handle his virtual office space needs, Garvin replied, “Location, location, location…the friendly staff and the proximity to home.” The fact that his business can also be found on Google Maps was another advantage since it’s important to provide an overall positive experience to everyone that walks in the door.

Since joining Heritage Office Suites in 2013, the Williamson County side of Garvin’s practice has really grown. The accessibility of the facility and the friendliness of the staff provide an exceptional virtual office experience for him and his clients. When asked how he would describe Heritage Office Suites to someone he knew that could benefit from a virtual office, Garvin replied, “accessibility, friendly, more cost efficient than a full time office.”

Heritage Office Suites is proud to serve Dax Garvin with The Law Office of Dax Garvin, P.C., and would like to invite you to come see the difference you can expect with Heritage Office Suites. Visit us on the web at or call (512) 377-9010 to learn more.


Written by: Heritage Office Suites

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