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May 31TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Understanding The Millennial Workforce


Millennials. They’re here, and they are infiltrating the business world. This fact alone may not seem significant, but in reality, there is a shared ideal and vision among this group that is shaping the way our work gets done, the way our workspaces are run, and even the way they are designed. By meeting the needs of this dynamic incoming workforce, companies stand to benefit greatly. But what is this vision, exactly? And why is it so important?

The latter question is really the most pivotal. Why is it important to understand and cater to a millennial workforce? consider this: by 2020 (that’s less than 3 years away), more than 75% of our workforce will be millennials. This alone should be enough to pique interest, but let’s look at the finer points first, before we dive into the solutions.

What do millennials want?

Millennials put a high value on flexibility

Flexible workspaces, flexible hours and work days, the ability to work from home, all of these things rank high in importance for millennials. Small businesses that can provide these benefits are far more likely to retain their millennial workforce.

Millennials are entrepreneurial

There is a strong interest in entrepreneurship among millennials. The vast majority state that they would much rather be their own boss than work for somebody else. This may also be tied to the need for freedom and flexibility, or it may be simply that they want to be in charge of their own destiny.

Millennials want the chance to advance professionally

While not every millennial is an entrepreneur at heart, most of them want to know that their work is leading somewhere, that they will see results from their efforts, and advance accordingly. Many millennials prefer a job that allows them some freedom, and would prefer to stay in the same job over a long term, if they could. Providing opportunities to grow, and advance their skillsets will go a long way toward employee retention.

Millennials want to know they are making a difference

To a millennial, having a job is much more than just collecting a paycheck. Ideally, they would like to think that their efforts are contributing to the greater good in some way. This could come down to ethical workplace practices, causes that the company involves themselves in, or more directly, in the service or product they provide.

Millennials want to work at something they are passionate about

Gone are the days when just having a “good job” was enough. Given the choice, our millennial workforce will always opt for passion over practical. Along with this passion for the work they are doing comes a strong tendency to want to like who they are working with, and enjoy their surroundings – in addition to all of the above factors.

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