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Tips from Entrepreneurial Legends

They say wisdom is the reward you get from a lifetime of listening. The ability to truly listen to someone, with the intent to understand and not to reply, is the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur. There is so much to be learned from others that have launched successful careers. So sit back, relax, and grow wiser as you read what some fellow entrepreneurial legends had to say about their paths to success…

Satya Nadella: CEO, Microsoft

Do not get up before 7 a.m. and make sure to get 8 hours of sleep a night. In a culture where sleep deprivation can be confused for a strong work ethic, the best CEOs and entrepreneurs know that winning doesn’t require staying up late. You must stay sharp and alert.

Wendy Lea: Principal, The Chatham Group and Executive Chairman, Get Satisfaction

Clear your head of excessive thoughts every morning for 15 minutes. Each day write down thoughts you want to let go of or explore later on. This simple exercise can help keep you focused on the tasks you need to accomplish.

Kevin O’ Connor: Founder, DoubleClick

Choose just 3 to 5 essential tasks you want to complete each week and focus your to-do list around those tasks. Staying focused is the key to success.

Jack Dorsey:  CEO, Square and Chairman, Twitter

Stay focused by dividing the days of the week into different themes. For example, you could spend Monday solely on management, Tuesday focusing on a project, Wednesday on meetings, etc.

Fred Bateman: Founder and CEO, The Bateman Group

Reduce distractions such as emails, social network posts, phone calls, instant messages — our days are full of rapid-fire interruptions that take us off task. Bateman uses a Chrome extension called StayFocusd to keep himself from drifting to time-wasting websites. After 10 minutes on sites like Facebook and The New York Times, StayFocusd alerts him and blocks the websites. He also turns off all email and social media notification pop-ups on his computer and mobile devices as well as audio distractions, like pinging smartphone alerts.

David Allen: Founder, The David Allen Company and Author, “Getting Things Done” Method

Employ the two-minute rule. If an interruption comes your way and you can complete it in under two minutes, do it. If you can’t, schedule another time to address it. It requires no special systems, apps, or tools yet is an effective time management tool and a great way to keep your day focused.

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