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The Power of Healthy Self-Talk with Heritage Office Suites

January has come and gone. Old man winter has set in. It’s time to check in and see how those New Year’s Resolutions are coming along. Do you still have the same fire and desire to make a change in 2016? To do things better than you did before? To be the best version of yourself that you can be? If so, hold your head high and throw those shoulders back in celebration of a job well done and keep striving to accomplish your goals. However, if your march has slowed down and you’ve experienced a few set-backs, then remember that your strength becomes apparent through adversity. Finding inspiration and developing a positive thought life are the most productive ways to stay mentally strong and focused on your goals.

Here are seven things to tell yourself as you continue your march towards greatness.

  1. I have what I need to do this.

If you’ve made it this far in life, you clearly have the skills and tools already in place to accomplish great things. Thinking positive thoughts and valuing the resources you already have can help you view obstacles in your life differently.

  1. Living according to my values is what really matters.

Your job isn’t to please everyone. In fact, it’s impossible to please everyone all the time. You do the best you can every day knowing that some days are going to go better than others.  However, remember to always be bold and brave enough to live according to your values, even when that means making unpopular decisions.

  1. Failure is part of the road to success.

Failure isn’t fun, but beating yourself up over failure is less fun. Each time you fall down, it serves as proof you’re pushing yourself to new limits. Failure is an opportunity to grow stronger, become better, and redefine yourself.

  1. All I can do is my best.

Demanding perfection is unrealistic. You shouldn’t expect it from others and this includes yourself. Self-compassion and compassion for others will help you be your best.

  1. Five years from now this won’t be as big as it is today.

This principle holds true in heart breaks and in business. Many of today’s crucial decisions and major worries won’t feel or seem near as significant a few years down the road.

  1. I’m stronger than I think I am.

Adversity often reveals hidden inner strength you never knew you had. In most situations, we are always stronger than we think we are.

  1. I am in control of how I think, feel, and behave.

There is little you can control in life except for how you respond to it. Acknowledging that you’re in control of how you think, feel, and act can empower you to make the best of your circumstances and create positive changes in your life.

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