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February 16TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Great Office Space for Attorneys in Round Rock, TX

Heritage Office Suites is proud to support a plethora of business owners in Round Rock, Texas.  Our people and the experience we provide our clients set us apart from all other executive space providers in the greater Austin area.  Because we offer a variety of work place solutions (from actual office space to a virtual office, live phone answering service, meeting rooms, and a host of other amenities) at a savings you won’t find anywhere else, we afford your business the functionality, the look, and the feel of distinction it needs and deserves.

Next month, in our Client Spotlight, we would like to feature one of our valued business owners, attorney W. Todd Ver Weire with Centex Business Law, but first want to tell you (before he does) why we think we are the ideal office space for attorneys or any type of law firm.

  • A community: Successful, driven people create a successful, driven community. Since we attract attorneys who are excited about what they do and are eager to collaborate with other like-minded attorneys, there is no better place than Heritage Office Suites to plant and grow your business
  • Learn from others: Benefit from the experiences of other successful attorneys which will help you resolve the most difficult challenges of managing a law practice. It is a wealth of information, experience, and advice at your fingertips.
  • Collaboration: It takes more than one person to practice law. By providing an environment conducive to collaboration and sharing, you have an instant connection for future referrals and potential clients. Market your law office without ever leaving your office.
  • Success: Success has the power to breed success. Surround yourself in an environment that is focused on being the best it can be.
  • Highly trained Staffers: Heritage Office Suites gives you the benefit of a highly trained staff to help manage your law office space for the same price you would pay for JUST for an office anywhere else.
  • Affordability: Office rent is one of the biggest fixed expenses for any business owner. Why not make a profit from your office space by receiving business from other law firms at our suite? What is already an affordable workplace solution, just got even more affordable as new clients come your way.
  • Support Services: Customizable amenities such as our live phone answering service, meeting rooms, mail services, prestigious business address, the latest technology, space to grow as your business grows, and prime location make us the right choice for any firm…any size.

It is our privilege to serve the attorney’s and firms that call Heritage Office Suites home.  We would like the opportunity to show you, as well, how your business or firm can benefit from officing with us.  By allowing us to focus on the details of your business, you can better focus on driving business and serving your clients.  Stay tuned for next month’s Client Spotlight where you can read for yourself a testimonial from W. Todd Ver Weire about the attorney-client experience at Heritage Office Suites.  In the mean-time, visit us on the web at or contact us at (512) 377-9010 to learn more.

Written by: Heritage Office Suites

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