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One of Heritage Office Suites’ Finest


From protecting soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan to protecting homes and businesses in and around Austin, Texas–Joshua Lien has become good at taking care of people and problems.

Lien is the owner and operator of the Mosquito Joe franchise in Round Rock that serves Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Georgetown areas. “I was looking at various franchise opportunities as a way to work for myself and be able to step away from having a boss. Mosquito Joe struck me as a service that was needed here in the Austin area,” commented Lien.

Lien was also able to integrate his parents into the business which provided extra support to his professional and personal life as well. A win-win.

With six employees including Lien, their home office is located in Heritage Office Suites which was an ideal place to set up shop. “Even though I do much of my work from home or from one of our vehicles, I didn’t want our address to be shown as my home address. Also, a PO Box didn’t appeal to me because we would lose out on Google map integration, and it simply doesn’t portray us as a professional organization. Heritage ended up being a great fit because you’re located near the center of my Mosquito Joe territory, convenient to my home, and offer all of the services I anticipate requiring.

When asked what aspect of his job he enjoyed the most, Lien replied, “Hands down, engaging with the customers. It’s great to meet new people in the area and hear their stories. I also love hearing about how we were able to allow them to use their yards again. A large portion of our customer base was simply unable to enjoy their backyards without being swarmed by mosquitoes. One customer showed us her son’s legs during her first treatment, which were absolutely covered with bites. I was back on one of the later sprays about six weeks later and they were healed up due to our service.”

Lien also explained why he chose Heritage Office Suites for his business and what he liked best. “I believe that having a physical address to associate with our business makes us appear more professional to our customers. Your staff is always very helpful and friendly…….and the occasions when free cookies are available also don’t hurt.”

Come see for yourself why entrepreneurs, like Josh Lien, chose Heritage Office Suites as the business home and see what we can do for you. From fully furnished office suites, meeting rooms, conference rooms, multi-suite opportunities, live phone and reception services, and many other support solutions, Heritage Office Suites is here to meet all your business needs and more.

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Source: Austin Business Journal

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