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April 26TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

More Tech Firms Coming to “Silicon Hills”

We have been writing significantly about the efforts from Texas governor Rick Perry in promoting Texas as a business friendly environment and having out of state organizations relocate within the state borders, particularly Austin and Round Rock, aka “Silicon Hills”. The following press release is a great example of such efforts coming to fruition:

Quantum Materials Corporation has chosen the greater Austin area in Texas to relocate headquarters and to establish the company’s R&D labs. After considering attractive proposals from Texas, North Carolina and Florida, Quantum Materials Corp. has decided that Austin’s “Silicon Hills” offers superior business advantages to emerging companies in both the nanotech and biotech fields.

As part of the location assessment, Quantum Materials Corp. management team met this month with Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Economic Development Staff to discuss available programs and incentives. Texas has several programs available to emerging technology companies willing to relocate to Texas and/or collaborate with Texas institutions.

Stephen Squires, Quantum Material’s President commented, “We anticipate our new facilities will expedite our commercial growth by providing optimal manufacturing resources and a synergistic collaboration among QMC, nearby nanotech businesses and Texas research universities.”

Markets and Markets 2012 Quantum Dot Global Forecast predicts total QD sales of $7.48 Billion by 2022 due to the wide range of potential QD applications. Quantum Materials believes that its provision of an accessible supply of tetrapod quantum dots enables potential joint-venture partners to now reliably plan financially promising business operations for revolutionary quantum dot products.

Austin and Round Rock are becoming the juggernauts of the tech industry and although Silicon Valley still has its legendary aura, Silicon Hills is becoming the new kid on the block and more businesses want to be a part of it.

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