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Maximize Your Lunch Break with Heritage Office Suites

How you spend your lunch break can affect how productive you are for the rest of the day. With an hour long lunch break, it’s possible to unwind a bit, go to the gym, visit with a friend, clear your head, or even nap for 20 minutes. By doing this, you have the potential to come back to work recharged, better connected, and with a boost in your productivity.

A recent Accountemps survey found that while employees prefer to break from work with a colleague, they more commonly have lunch alone or fail to take a break at all. It is important to your health to remove yourself from work in the middle of the day, get some fresh air, soak up some Vitamin D, and connect with others.

Here are 5 lunch break tips to ensure maximum productivity throughout your entire work day:

1. Be with colleagues

Nearly half of accounting and finance professionals surveyed said they typically spend their lunch breaks eating alone. Yet almost as many said they would rather have a coworker join them for the meal. Ask a coworker to join you on your break and reap the benefits of companionship and communication.

2. Exercise

About 37 percent of working individuals say they would like to exercise on their lunch breaks, but only 10 percent actually do. Most people spend time running errands, checking personal email, and surfing the Internet during their break. Disconnect for 30 minutes and take a brisk walk outside or run to the local fitness center. You will feel much more awake and revitalized if you get moving.

3. Exchange ideas

Lunching with colleagues can provide an opportunity to brainstorm and inspire new ideas. You can discuss new and innovative ideas in a more relaxed environment.

4. Clear your head and boost creativity

The simple act of taking a break can help clear your mind and broaden your perspective. Discuss non-work related issues on your break as well to distract your mind. The brief interruption will help you regain focus and may even lead to new solutions to problems or tasks.

5. Be Intentional

Make plans in advance for how you are going to spend your lunch breaks. You can designate one day for friends, one for fitness, one for running errands, and so on. You can also pack a lunch the night before on the days you know you won’t have time to pick up a more nutritious option.

Heritage Office Suites encourage you to take a lunch break and enjoy your respite. It’s benefitting not only you but your business as well. Heritage Office Suites is Round Rock’s premier workspace solution. Our full-service office space and virtual office solutions provide your business the space and place to do business while our executive support staff provide live phone answering service, call forwarding and screening, reception services, mail receipt, and a host of other administrative services. Enjoy a leisure lunch break while Heritage Office Suites takes care of you and your business.

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Source: Austin Business Journal

Written by: Heritage Office Suites

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