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How to Build a Network with Heritage Office Suites

Remember the famous movie line, ”If you build it, they will come”?  According to Jeff Stibel, contributing writer for the Austin Business Journal, this principle holds true in baseball and in business.  Stibel shared his perspective on why a strong network is your company’s best asset. He claims that your company, no matter how small, can compete against the largest enterprises if you build a strong, loyal customer network.

The first thing to consider is: Who is in your network?

Your network is more than the people your interface with on a weekly or monthly basis. It is every single person who comes in contact with your business. Your network includes your customers, vendors, suppliers, service providers, community leaders, neighbors, and colleagues. Being a small business owner can be challenging because you are the face of your business. If you are having a bad day, your business can have a bad day. Each and every interaction is impactful on your bottom line.

The second thing to consider: How to grow your network.

To grow your network, focus on strength over size. It’s not about the number of people in your network, it’s about the connections between those people and your brand. When you deliver a quality experience, you build trust and brand loyalty. Your focus should be on exceptional service so that your clients grow your network for you.

The third thing to consider: How to make your network stronger.

A great way to start making your network stronger is to establish connections between people in your network. Social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, provide a great opportunity to do this. There is strength in numbers and potential customers find confidence in those that have tested the water before them.

The fourth thing to consider: The power of the Internet.

A crucial step to building a strong network is to maintain your brand’s authenticity, transparency, and accessibility. Use your online presence to clearly state what your company does and what you value. Always remember the Internet and social media give everyone a voice. A strong network is a company’s best asset. Treat each and every interaction with careful consideration to detail.

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