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Hot Dog Marketing + Heritage Office Suites = A Recipe for Success

Heritage Office Suites’ own Jessica Scanlon is receiving some big recognition for helping small businesses in a big way. Recently featured in the Statesman and Round Rock Leader, Jessica’s innovative idea to “create a full-service marketing and communications company that can take the burden of marketing management off the small business owner and place it in the hands of professionals” is now known as Hot Dog Marketing. After speaking with Jessica about Hot Dog Marketing, it quickly became apparent why she and her company are thriving.

1. How did you come up with your business model? What inspired you?
I spent a lot of time in corporate America, learning how to apply large-scale branding ideals to our products and services, and seeing the positive response from consumers. I started Hot Dog Marketing while I was still working for a large corporation because I saw value in applying these concepts at a smaller scale and giving small businesses an opportunity to compete. Most small business owners don’t have the experience working with vendors and marketing online to know how to best spend their marketing dollars. I wanted to show these great small, local businesses that they can have professional marketing without “being taken for a ride.”

2. You offer a variety of services from business logo design, web design and business cards, monthly marketing management packages with updates, and blogs to managing social media platforms. What is the most popular service you provide?
Social media and email marketing management is by far are most popular service. I think most small business owners know that they need to be using these tools to market themselves and stay in-touch with customers, but most don’t have the time to effectively use these tools. We offer packages to ensure businesses are staying in-touch and broadening their customer base using online media and email services.

3. What is the one service you would recommend any business have to successfully market their company?
Professional branding. I could talk all day about why small businesses should brand themselves. Brands aren’t just about logos—they’re about making a statement about your business so clients know what makes you different and why you’re special. If businesses can work on their branding and professionally design their marketing materials around that brand, they have a much better chance of effectively communicating with customers and attracting new customers.

4. Hot Dog Marketing began in 2008. Where did you first plant your roots…..a home office, virtual office…?
I started in a home office. I thought I would probably always work from home, but as business grew, it was clear that working from home wasn’t going to be a good fit.

5. What were the pros and cons of that type of business/working environment?
So, the best thing about working from home was being with my two dogs during the day and the worst thing about working from home was being with my two dogs. Inevitably they would get into a barking fight while I was on an important client call. I also loved rolling out of bed and working in my PJs if I could, but most of the time I spent my day driving all over town to meet with clients at coffee shops.

6. You moved to Heritage Office Suites in December. What was your motivation for moving and why did you choose Heritage?
Growth was the primary reason for moving. I knew I wanted to add people to my team, and I did not want them working at home or at my home. I wanted a professional work environment. Heritage was a great fit because the location is convenient for my family and the price included so many professional office amenities. It was hard to pass up. But mostly, the people at Heritage are tremendous and it feels like you’ve added a great group of people to your team.

7. How has having an actual office space at Heritage Office Suites helped you?
First of all, my time isn’t spent trucking all over the Austin and Williamson County area anymore. Most of my clients have been happy to visit me at my new office which has saved me so much time and gas. I’ve gained new clients by being in the environment. I’ve met so many great business owners through Heritage—that was an unexpected benefit. I’m saving a ton of money on coffee too. No more Starbucks!

8. Favorite aspect of Heritage Office Suites?
The people, for sure…the staff is fantastic. They’ve been super supportive and helpful. From making sure my client’s mailing goes out to just talking me through a big business decision I’m pondering, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with on a daily basis.

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