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December 12TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Heritage Office Suites Offers Time-Saving Services for the Holidays!


Heritage Office Suites is here to make your life easier, and that is especially the case during the holiday season. During this busy time of year, we offer many services to help make the holidays a little brighter and a lot less stressful! Let us tackle your to-do list and you will be able to spend more time wrapping things up for your business before it’s time to take off! Here is a sampling of our holiday services:

Gorgeous Gift Wrapping

Do you have presents to wrap but no time to do it? Or, are your wrapping skills a little less than stellar? No problem! Drop off your holiday gifts with the Heritage Office Staff and we will wrap them for you, ensuring a beautiful presentation and saving you a ton of time! This service is available for both personal gifts and gifts for your staff, colleagues, and clients.

Excellent Event Planning

Don’t forget about our comprehensive event planning services during the holidays. Reserve your event space and let us plan your holiday office party or other holiday season event for you. We handle set-up, decor, catering arrangements, and clean-up so all you have to do is show up to your party, relax, mingle and enjoy yourself.

Helpful Holiday Card Services

Don’t spend valuable productivity time stuffing, addressing and stamping envelopes! Instead, let us put your holiday cards in their envelopes, add postage and mail your holiday cards for you. We can tackle both your business-related and personal holiday cards at the same time to completely eliminate this time-consuming task from your holiday to-do list.

Super Safe Package Drop-Off

Having a package mis-delivered or worse, stolen can be especially disheartening when the package holds holiday gifts. A convenient way to keep your holiday packages safe is to have them delivered securely to the office. We are always available and present during normal delivery hours. We can sign for your packages and deliver them to your office or hold onto them until you’re able to pick them up. Whether you are just away for meetings for the afternoon or out for a few days, rest assured your packages will be safe and sound when you return.

Outstanding Mail Services

During the holidays, most of us worry about presents and other packages getting to their recipients in time. Instead of trekking to the post office to spend time in long lines, simply drop your packages off with us! We will weigh and ship your holiday packages via USPS or FedEx- it’s up to you! Your packages will arrive in time and you won’t have to spend even a minute in another line. Do you have timely business communication that must get to its recipient before the holidays? Is it imperative that you know when they get it or do you need a record of its arrival? Don’t fret- Heritage Office Suites also offers certified mail services, again saving you a trip to the post office!

As you can see, Heritage Office Suites has a variety of ways to make your life much easier during the holiday season. With all the time we free up, you will even be able to enjoy Rock N’ Lights, the gorgeous light display at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock. This year Rock N’ Lights features brand new light displays on a 1.5-mile path with an impressive 2 million lights. Your family or even your staff will love spending an evening marveling at the Christmas light displays while sipping hot chocolate. For more ideas about the ways we can make your life more streamlined, efficient, and effortless at the holidays or anytime, contact Heritage Office Suites today!

Written by: Heritage Office Suites

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