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Heritage Office Suites Client Spotlight: The Law Office of W. Todd Ver Weire

From helping small to medium sized businesses with various legal needs to crafting legal/business solutions to various obstacles within the workplace, Todd Ver Weire has found a home for his thriving law office at Heritage Office Suites and we are honored to be a part of his success story.

After receiving his degree in accounting from Texas Christian University, Todd graduated with his Juris Doctorate from the T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond Law School in 1992, and then went on to receive his Masters of Law (LL.M.) from the University of Arkansas School of Law at Fayetteville.

His decision to pursue a legal career stemmed from his desire and ability to aid others using the knowledge and skills he gained pursuing his accounting and law degree. Whether acting as a mediator helping two sides reach an agreement or as a litigator fighting for his clients, Todd’s focus today still remains the same—exceptional service and representation for the clients he serves.

When asked how his practice differs from other law firms, Todd explained:

Unlike a number of lawyers that work with small businesses, my practice differs because of two key facts: 1) the time that I spent working in-house for a privately held multi-national company; and 2) I am licensed in multiple states. Spending time in-house after working in private practice of over a decade, allowed me to obtain a different perspective than most. I went from being an attorney handling multiple litigation matters for this client as outside counsel, to part of their team managing outside counsel in litigation matters, but also creating ways to help get business done as opposed to looking at things and trying to figure out why the company should not pursue them. The time spent managing outside counsel allowed me to experience what it is like to be a client – why are bills as high as they are, what steps are you taking to minimize time, and maximize efficiencies in providing services, understanding that companies are in business to grow their business, not pay attorneys to handle cases – in essence, every case can be resolved at some point and time and not every case is worth tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees when the amount at issue is significantly less. Being licensed in multiple states allows my clients to obtain continuity in their representation at a reasonable rate as opposed to having to either hire other firms, or a much larger firm where the rates are significantly higher.

Heritage Office Suites is proud to provide a place, space, and atmosphere that allows Todd to utilize his expertise to help business owners overcome obstacles that hinder their business growth. Todd commented:

Heritage Office Suites provides a cost effective solution to the office space dilemma as well as offering support staff services for when time is a factor. The staff is great at handling inquiries and knowing what situations demand my immediate attention when clients call with a problem. A number of my clients comment quite favorably upon the help that they receive from the staff to the professional appearance of the office.

My favorite aspect of Heritage Office Suites is the staff. Ja-Ann, Christa, and Tina all work exceptionally hard to present a professional appearance, and possess an inner desire to ensure that the clients in Round Rock receive exceptional service. This ranges from their willingness to work with us when it comes to scheduling conference room space, to the simple things of making sure that fresh coffee is available at reception all day long and greeting everyone with a smile, not only on their face, but in their voice.

Heritage Office Suites affords attorneys the ability to have a professional office, including access to large and small conference rooms, without the overhead that one would have in renting a traditional “lawyers” office. Having a place to work, and hence be a bit cluttered with files, and a separate place to meet with clients is great.

Heritage Office Suites is thankful to be a part of Todd’s mission to help business owners create their own success story and want to encourage you to come be a part of this community of like-minded professionals. Heritage Office Suites is the ideal workplace solution meeting all your business’ needs at prices you can afford. Visit us on the web at or contact us at (512) 377-9010 to learn more.

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