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Dream Big with Heritage Office Suites

Who would have ever thought of buying hot, fresh french fries from a vending machine? Evidently, entrepreneurs and students at Wageningen University in the Netherlands did and they are making it happen. In a world where you can buy shoes, cupcakes, and even face cream from a vending machine…why not french fries as well?

This innovative vending machine has the ability to deep fry frozen strips of potatoes and dispense them as fresh french fries two minutes later served complete with a side of mayonnaise, curry, or ketchup. The french fry vending machine is currently a prototype with the only single functioning machine on the campus of Wageningen University. However, developers say they would love to expand the concept, making french fry vending machines an international reality.

Automated dining is on the rise across the world, as restaurants look for high-tech ways to cut costs and speed up work behind the scenes. Chains such as McDonald’s and Panera have already invested in touchscreen ordering and payment kiosks.

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