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June 7TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Dell Hyperscale Innovation Center

Dell Hyperscale Innovation Center

Our neighbor company, Dell, has opened its Hyperscale Innovation Center in its Austin campus. It has partnered with eBay to push the boundaries of the current capabilites of the industry. The DailyFinance discusses the Dell Hyperscale Innovation Center in further details:


Dell announced the opening of its Evergreen Innovation Center located at the company’s Austin campus. Building on its existing enterprise offerings, Dell’s new innovation center is developing future hyperscale data center solutions. The innovation center will enable Dell to further enhance its modular, open platforms so that scale-out data center customers can address evolving business needs with increased agility.

eBay Inc. has been working with Dell in its Evergreen Innovation Center to explore next-generation engineering concepts and technology development to help further eBay’s data center efficiency and drive advancements in the industry. Earlier this year, eBay released details of its breakthrough approach to analyze the efficiency of its data centers through metrics critical to the company’s overall business. The new methodology, called Digital Service Efficiency (DSE), provides a complete view of infrastructure performance in the data center and how it directly impacts business outcomes is a leap forward in data center measurement and transparency.


“eBay’s approach to thoughtful and meaningful quantification of its IT operations relative to the company’s business objectives results in a different kind of data center technology prioritization, exploration and development,” said Forrest Norrod, general manager, Dell Server Solutions. “Dell’s Data Center Solutions group aligns with eBay’s approach in using innovation to improve the efficiency of the data center in ways that have a meaningful impact on a business’ bottom line. We look forward to working together on what’s next for scale-out data center innovation, and sharing results of that collaboration with the industry.”

By leveraging DSE best practices, organizations can proactively tune their data centers to help ensure they drive business outcomes in the most efficient, effective way possible. The innovation center will enable Dell and eBay to investigate every aspect of the data center – from the CPU to cooling methodologies – in order to solve efficiency challenges and uncover new opportunities for optimization.

“Through our collaboration with eBay in the Evergreen Innovation Center, Dell can develop new solutions that help companies optimize their data centers to address the speed of today’s business and anticipate the needs of tomorrow,” added Norrod. “We’re excited about what it means for eBay and our broader customer base.”


Undoubtedly the recent arrival of the Google Fiber will have very positive ramifications for the Dell Hyperscale Innovation Center. The Austin / Round Rock area is growing by leaps and bounds from so many different angles. It is a great time to be in business in Round Rock.

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