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October 17TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

Co-working in Round Rock / North Austin

 Co-working in Round Rock / North Austin

Co-working in Round Rock / North Austin is picking up pace. So what is Co-working? We found Tolly Moseley‘s explanation as one of the best. Here it is:

Listen: co-working if freaking fabulous. “But why would I pay for an office when I just quit an office?” I hear you saying. Oh my God, it’s so not like your old office. Soooooo not like your old office.

I’ve gotten clients from my various co-working spots. That’s because networking there is easy, unlike most awkward networking events. Also, your co-workers aren’t your competitors or bosses or anything like that, so there’s no pressure to manically x out of your Facebook page when someone walks by. And, although I haven’t been to all of them, most co-working spaces are pretty cool-looking.

Austin is positively exploding in rad co-working spaces right now. I sometimes go to Link, near my house, and also Vuka, which has free co-working on Fridays and has the added benefit of being beautiful. Now, granted — I still work from home, I still work from coffee shops; sometimes I’ll start the day working from home but get so stir crazy that I drive to a coffee shop; sometimes the coffee shop is too social and I have to come home! But, if you are a lone contractor/freelancer/real estate agent/someone else who usually works by his or herself and is wondering whether it’s actually worth a few hundred dollars to pay a monthly co-working membership fee, I’m saying, it is.

So there you have. Co-working is “freaking fabulous”. Why don’t you try it. Stop by our building and you’ll see what we can provide you for your very own co-working.

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