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July 21TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

The Advantage of Locally Managed Office Suites

Business in Round Rock is booming! As more start-ups and small businesses are popping up, so too are the serviced office suites to accommodate them. However, business owners are wondering what the management differences are between these various office suites and what that can mean for their business itself. We talk with Christa Wilke, General Manager of Heritage Office Suites, for her perspective:

How does Heritage Office Suites determine pricing for prospective clients?

Christa: Primarily, we monitor the real estate market by speaking to local realtors directly.  We also take the time to keep up-to-date with our competitors in the local market. Some of our competitors are internationally managed and don’t have the same resources available on a local level that we would have when we need to re-evaluate our pricing structure.

Is it because you have a better understanding of the local small biz economy?

Christa: We are heavily involved in the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce, which keeps us in the loop with our market and how the business economy is doing as well. What sets us apart from other office suite providers is we are a locally owned business, which invests in the staff that have relationships to the market. We have very low staff turnover compared to our competitors who rotate through staff and move them from property to property. Clients love the dependability of being able to tell their own clients to drop something off with Tina or me.

What do you think best sets you apart from the competition?

Christa: I do believe we have more discretion in pricing and charges for our clients. We take the time to learn about a prospective client and their needs. We’ll evaluate their problem areas and adapt a plan that works best for them and not just us. We are “hands on”, unlike a large and impersonal corporation where your requests must go through the corporate chain of command. We also get invested in their business and do what we can to assist them in succeeding. Our philosophy is: “They are not just another payment each month. When you succeed, we all succeed.”

What other advantages do you offer clients?

Christa: I think we’ve become a very “tight knit” community. I’m sure a lot of other managers say that about their own locations but we truly have seen business owners going out of the way for each other to help out their fellow peers. Everyone looks out for each other here and the general attitude of our office is very positive. Older clients go the extra mile to make new tenants feel at home. We also have fun networking events throughout the month to give other businesses a chance to mingle with business owners they may not have met before.

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Written by: Heritage Office Suites

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