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February 21TH, by Jason Tiemeier, No Comments

What is the Best Bookkeeping Software for Small Businesses?


Being a small business owner comes with a lot of jobs and responsibilities. Accounting shouldn’t be one of them (unless you’re an accountant). To help reduce the time spent on financial work, and increase the time spent on growing your business, Heritage Office Suites has put together a list of our four favorite accounting programs to make your life a bit easier.

QuickBooks Online 

The QuickBooks Online accounting software is one of the most efficient programs offered at an affordable price. It delivers all relevant functions for the different small business industries. So, whether you are running a legal office, marketing firm or insurance agency, the software has what you need to handle your finances. Using any accounting software is a plus for small business owners, but one benefit that stands out is its ability to save you time through automation. Everyone in business likes to save time. Time is valuable. QuickBooks allows you to automate many functions to make running your business simpler. You can set up automatic bill payments, reconcile expenses, and automatically categorize expenses. In addition, when you need those reports for meetings, tax time, or any other reason, you won’t have to create your own. QuickBooks has a large selection of pre-made reports you can customize with appropriate dates, names, or other information.

FreshBooks App for IOS and Androids 

This app is excellent for those small business owners who are on the go a lot and need to have a reliable software that works on their smartphone. It effectively handles your financial business while staying within the affordable realm. The app features a cloud-based platform that functions seamlessly across all your devices, making it convenient to use when at the office, “on the job,” or elsewhere. Easily enter customer invoices, accept payments, and track your time on the job with the simple-to-use dashboard.


This accounting software works on PCs and Macs. For Macs, especially, it is considered a top pick. Most accounting programs for Macs do not have the features that Xero offers. In addition, the Xero software is one of the easier programs to learn. With a visually attractive dashboard that is clutter-free, you will have no problems finding the information you need. On the home page of the dashboard, you will see tabs to make it easy choose to see more information or to choose a certain function.

Zoho Books 

For those businesses that are very small and do not need all the extras that come with the bigger packages, this program is for you. Designed with the micro small business in mind; it is made for simplicity, yet it adeptly handles all the basics of financial management. Zoho Books covers all the things a business owner would need. The great thing about Zoho is for one flat rate, you receive unlimited access to all the benefits of the program. This includes unlimited users, invoices, bills, customers, estimates, vendors, and so on. Other software programs have a limit on the number of invoices and the like that you can have before you pay additional fees. With Zoho, you do not have to worry about added fees.

With the right accounting software, you can manage your business finances with ease. And making things a little easier for business owners is what we are invested in at Heritage Office Suites. Once you’ve got your accounting needs covered, contact us to find out how our flexible workplace solutions and services can benefit you and your business

Written by: Heritage Office Suites

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